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ProComm specializes in cell phone and data tower maintenance throughout the United States.  Located in Atlanta, GA.,our team has over 50+ years of combined experience.  From our consultants to our technicians, we are committed to the safety of our staff and the satisfaction of our clients. We provide our companies with qualified project management, consulting, manpower and resources to complete their projects on time and within budget.  


Our key focus at ProComm is QUALITY. Technology is ever changing and ProComm Advanced Quality Solutions has helped our clients meet those changes through planning, recruitment and implementation.  We are committed to lead the industry in superior client satisfaction by providing knowledgeable engineering consultants, structured problem solving and innovative solutions.


We provide:



From civil engineering to aerial services, our goal is to provide solutions that are tailored to meet the varying needs of our clients.






Business Services

IP/Security Engineer Consultant overview

Environmental Engineering Overview:

Structured Cable



Quality Consultant

Every project ProComm takes on has an assigned Account Manager.  This person is a liaison between us and our client.

The goal of our account managers are to build satisfying relationships with our clients to ensure continued business.

They are responsible for providing client support and communication.

Our account managers work closely with our project managers in order to confirm that the needs of our clients are being served.  


Our Commitment

We are committed to quality. We strive to provide only highly qualified individuals that have proven and are able to deliver solid service. ProComm would rather pass on a project before placing an unqualified person on the project.


We are committed to our reputation.  We strive to ensure repeat client interaction and referrals.  In order to successfully achieve this, ProComm must continue to provide efficient and effective service to our clients.  


We are committed to building relationships. ProComm strives to work with its clients for mutual benefit. In order to build relationships with our clients, it is necessary to establish trust.  If our clients can trust us to deliver the solutions they require, we will build a strong foundation on which to build our relationship.


We are committed to customer satisfaction. ProComm will go above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied with the services provided.  This includes prompt communication, timely deliverables and ongoing account management.  


Account Management Professional Staffing

ProComm focuses on the telecom market as well as the environmental engineering market.  We provide customized recruitment services for permanent and contract consultants.


We provide only qualified professionals in varying specialized areas:



Our database consists of individuals who have a proven record of success.  We ensure that our candidates meet the qualification requirements of our clients.

We go beyond “key skill” matches, ensuring that the candidates presented have the right skills for the assignment task.




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